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Clearline® from your South Vancouver Dentist

Clearline clear braces are among one of the most efficient and advanced remedies for aligning your teeth. They include clear aligners that are comfortable and also detachable, allowing for increased flexibility, as opposed to traditional braces, when eating as well as flossing and brushing your teeth.

At our Oakridge dental practice, Smile A Lot Dental Centre, we are happy to offer clear braces to members of our Vancouver neighbourhood and surrounding areas. These are an attractive option to metal braces, which can usually be painful and in-the-way. Clearline does not use metal braces or brackets to align your teeth; as an alternative, it has plastic aligners developed to personally suit your mouth, which slowly move your teeth into their proper position.

Cutting-edge Smile A Lot Dental Centre Clearline technology can deal with crowding, teeth spacing, open bites, underbites, and even crossbites in grownups and adolescents. Treatment times with clear braces are comparable to traditional braces.

Clearline aligners are a basically unnoticeable option. Discover if you are would make a good Clearline candidate by contacting Dr. Stanley Radomsky to schedule an examination in Vancouver today.

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