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Preventative Dentistry

Night Guards

Night Guards from your Oakridge Dentist

Do you grind your teeth while you’re sleeping at night? Often awaking yourself or your partner because of this annoying and sometimes painful occurrence? Then it’s time for you to consider night guards from our South Vancouver dental practice.

Bruxism is the medical term for the clenching or grinding of your teeth and it can lead to serious help complications. With the addition of a night guard to your nightly routine, you can greatly reduce the amount of grinding, discomfort, and wear that your teeth go through on a nightly basis.

At Smile A Lot Dental Centre, your Oakridge dental practice, we will provide you with a custom night guard, fitted specifically to your mouth. It will allow for uninterrupted breathing and will be comfortable while wearing it.

Please contact our dental office today if you are interested in a sports mouth guard and we can schedule an appointment or consultation today.

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