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Preventative Dentistry


Sealants from your Shaughnessy Dental Office

Dental sealers are white or clear coverings that are placed on the biting surface areas of a client’s back teeth or molars, utilized to prevent tooth decay. Back teeth have deep grooves that easily accumulate oral plaque buildup from food or microorganisms, and are typically really tough to keep clean by regular brushing.

At our South Vancouver dental practice, Smile A Lot Dental Centre, we utilize sealants as a preventive dental therapy, ensuring dental caries do not form in the mouth. In order to position sealants, your dentist will thoroughly wash and dry the tooth surface, next a conditioning solution is used, after that, the sealant is brushed right into the tooth’s grooves. We then cure the sealant with an unique light.

Your Oakridge dental office offers this preventative therapy as an effective treatment against tooth cavities. If you have any type of questions concerning sealants and other preventative methods, contact us today.

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