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Does Your Dental Bridge Need Repair?

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At Smile A Lot Dental Centre in Vancouver, we are very experienced in providing comfortable and effective dental bridges for our patients.

Dental bridges are durable and usually remain functional for a very long time. After years of wear and tear, a dental bridge may need to be repaired or replaced and Dr. Radomsky and his team will be there to take care of whatever service is needed.

Cause of Dental Bridge Failure

  • Poor oral care
  • Bacteria growth under the bridge
  • Decay in teeth supporting the bridge (abutment teeth)
  • Fractured abutment teeth
  • Broken underlying metal frame of bridge

How Do You Know When Your Dental Bridge Needs Attention?

Dental bridges are very effective as a solution to treat missing teeth. Sensitivity in the teeth and/or gums around a dental bridge can be a sign of decay in the abutment teeth supporting the bridge. You might also notice or feel a crack in an abutment tooth, or in the bridge itself. If so, make sure to reserve an oral care visit with Dr. Radomsky right away!

Dental Bridge Repair

You will require a specific treatment depending on the status of the dental bridge or abutment teeth that need attention.

It might be necessary to remove the bridge to treat the abutment teeth.  Once those teeth are treated, the bridge can often be re-cemented.

If the teeth affected by decay can no longer be relied upon to support the bridge, dental implants may be required to support the new bridge.

If it’s the porcelain or the metal portion of the bridge that is chipped or damaged, your dentist may be able repair it without replacing the entire bridge. If this is not possible a replacement bridge will be fabricated.

Caring For A New Dental Bridge

The longevity of your dental bridge relies heavily on your oral care habits. To ensure your bridge stays functional, remember to brush your teeth twice a day to prevent tooth decay!

It’s important to note that a failed dental bridge doesn’t repair itself; it only gets worse if not treated swiftly and appropriately.

If it’s time to repair or replace your dental bridge, reserve an oral care visit with Dr. Radomsky at Smile A Lot Dental Centre in Vancouver – our professional dental team will gladly restore your smile.