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Great work and friendly people!

JillPatrickZoe Simpson

Most recently Dr. Radomsky helped me restore a fractured front tooth. My experience was excellent, and I’d definitely recommend my friends and family to this practice!

Avi B.

Awhile ago, my dentist of many years retired and I didn’t know where to turn. Upon recommendations from friends, I decided to visit Dr. Stanley Radomsky. I am an older lady (almost 80), and I still have my own teeth, although they’re mainly crowns. Nothing, however, is too much trouble for Dr. Radomsky! I have now been with him for a long time and I look forward to my regular appointments. He is always so pleased to see me and is a very calm, sensitive, caring, and capable dentist and person. He even makes a point to ask about my family!  I don’t think, in today’s rushed world, that there are too many medical professionals with his lovely manner and time to spare for older people.

And his staff are always kind, caring, and patient. For me, my dentist appointments are a very pleasant afternoon appointment to look forward to  – even if it is just for regular teeth cleaning. Dr. Radomsky always makes me feel important. I am very glad that I made the right choice of dentist at the time that I did!

Maureen B.

Since my first appointment in January 2010 regarding my dental concerns, you have exceeded my best experiences with the other Dentists I have seen in my life.

Thank you so much for always making me feel you are always giving me the best dental care you can, taking the time to explain all Dental options, and spending the extra time explaining my case to WorkSafe BC to give me the best dental option cosmetically and to improve my trumpet embouchure.

I am so happy and pleased regarding my Dental implant and crowns on how they have turned out, especially regarding my improved trumpet playing. I’m looking forward to my next restorative procedures. Thanks again Dr. Stan!

Michael S.

I wish to thank you for the time and patience rendered to me when I had my implant teeth fitted.  It was worth it and you did a great job. The implant teeth all fit very well, the contact is excellent, and chewing is well balanced on both sides of the mouth, left and right. In other words, it’s unlike situations where one tends to chew only on one side due to imbalanced fitting or bite. One other thing is that the fitting is tight and there isn’t much food collection after meals. Thank you!


With regards to my denture, previous to seeing Dr. Radomsky, my denture was unstable, broken and broke my anchor tooth. I could not chew properly for quite a while and had trouble with digestion.

After seeing Dr. Radomsky with this problem, he repaired the denture and the comfort, chewing and digestion problems have shown a very marked improvement. Thank you Dr. Radomsky!

Antti P.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Stanley Radomsky for a number of years as a colleague and a member of my FOCUS Vancouver study club. Stan is a thoughtful, caring, efficacious dentist and a life long learner. His academic mind is constantly seeking clarity and answers for the benefit of his patients. Stan has meticulous clinical skills and these coupled with insightful patient evaluation and treatment planning make him a superb practitioner.

I believe that Dr. Stanley Radomsky is a solid choice to consider for someone seeking a general dental practitioner.

Mike R.

Recently, I suffered from incredible intense pain on BOTH of  my upper and lower left regions of my mouth.
The pain continued to intensify getting worse over just a couple of days. I had never felt anything like it before…. and I was unsure what I should do?

Fortunately, Dr. Radomsky was able to soon see me (under very short notice). The pain ‘peaks’ almost forced me to pull over on the highway driving to Dr. Radomsky’s office. Upon my arrival at his office, I was immediately put at ease with his care. He was so professional and thorough – and quickly able to precisely diagnose my situation.

I really appreciate the treatment Dr. Radomsky gave me that day but I especially appreciated what he did not do for me! He promptly referred me to a certified specialist (endodontics) and his staff assisted me with quickly getting an appointment. Only hours after seeing Dr. Radomsky, I consider myself very lucky to be receiving a major root canal – from one of Dr. Radomsky’s trusted peers. I received exceptional care from this specialist.

I also received exceptional care during the subsequent follow up treatments (crown) from Dr. Radomsky and his staff.
Thank you very much!

Dale M.

Many thanks for the years we’ve spent together. Since coming to your office over 13 years ago I’ve always found you all to be professional, timely and cheerful. Obviously I felt my teeth were always in the best hands. Now that I have taken early retirement and will not be in Vancouver as often, I must reluctantly say goodbye. I wish you continued success and happiness.


Dr. Radomsky and his team always take the time to explain procedures and offer alternative treatment as the need arises. I recently had implants put in and could not have been more pleased with the result. After many years of weighing the costs and benefits to implants, I am glad we were able to make the necessary arrangements with Dr. Radomsky. He provided excellent care throughout the process and was readily available whenever I felt I needed consultation outside my scheduled appointments. It is not uncommon for Dr. Radomsky to give out his personal cell phone number in case there is a need to call him, especially after each step of the implant process. He may even call me to check up on how I’m feeling! I am glad to have a dentist and team that truly provides exceptional personalised care for our whole family.

D. S.

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