Treating Burns Without Touching the Patient – A Groundbreaking Device

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Nanomedic Technologies Ltd, is an Israeli company that developed a breakthrough medical device which enables to treat burn victims without touching their burn injuries and causing them added pain when dressing a wound.

“It’s like a bandage but a very highly advanced bandage. It is for very serious wounds — second-degree burns, surgical wounds, large opened and partial deep wounds,” Dr. Chen Barak, CEO of Nanomedic, tells NoCamels. “We will also treat chronic wounds and dermal diseases.”

The company manufactures a transient skin layer, a protective layer that remains on the wound throughout the healing process. The polymer solution the company uses is with characteristics specific to the treatment for the wound.

“The protective layer is applied from about 20 cm away from the wound, without touching the wound. It feels like a delicate wind on the wound. You apply it once and it remains on the wound for the healing process,” says Barak. “It can take two to three weeks but the layer is there to protect the wound and to allow underneath healing of a new skin.”

There is also a reduced risk for infection, she says, because the wound is never touched. “You don’t need to replace it. Typically, the major pain that patients complain about is the traumatic changing of dressings. Here you skip this step and this is crucial for the patient and for the caregiver. After our application, you can go back to regular day-to-day life, including early showers and free movement,” says Barak.

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