15 Warning Signs of Diabetes

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*Source: https://healthy-sporty-beautiful.com/15-warning-signs-diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common and also dangerous diseases. Here are several silent symptoms you should be aware of:

Thirst: The first important sign of diabetes is unusual and excessive thirst. If you feel thirsty all the time, something’s wrong.

Urge to urinate: High blood sugar level increases the amount of urine production and also, if you start drinking a lot more than you usually would, you’ll also have to go to the bathroom more frequently.

Fatigue: Feeling tired even when you didn’t do anything exhausting? You can experience tiredness in case of both low and high blood pressure. Glucose slows down the circulation, thus your cells won’t get the amount of nutrients and oxygen they need and it all results in making you feel tired.



Thrush: Diabetes can lead to itching and burning in the genital area as the excess sugar increases the risk of getting yeast infections.

Problems in Vision: High blood sugar causes the lens of the eye to swell consequently changing your vision. Dry eyes are also trying to warn you, so please don’t wait too long to be monitored.

Slow healing: get checked if cuts and wounds are healing very slowly. Moreover, you’re more likely to get infected if you have diabetes and your immune system is weakened.

Appetite: Diabetes can lead to an increased appetite and excessive hunger.




Weight Loss: Similar to weight gain, diabetes can also result in weight loss since your body starts to break down protein from your muscles and not fat. Moreover, your kidneys start working excessively hard trying to eliminate the extra glucose.

Skin Problems: The defense mechanism of the body is trying help fight against diabetes with darkening spots, rashes and itchy skin all over the body.

Numbness: Untreated high blood sugar lead to nerve damage, numbness, and tingling to pain and swelling hands and feet.

Lose Hearing: Hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes as others. When the small vessels and nerves are damaged, sound transmissions get interrupted on their way to your brain.


Calf Cramps: Diabetes lead to cramps, especially in the legs on a daily basis. This can lead to circulation problems and pain in some parts of the body like thighs and even buttocks. It can be eased with some supplements and rest for a while but it will only get worse after a longer time.

Perspiration: Some diabetics experience excessive sweating even when they sleep or eat, while others stop sweating completely. Be aware if something’s different about your body.

Dry Mouth: High levels of blood sugar cause sore and lack of moisture in your mouth.

Bleeding Gums: High blood glucose is known to help bacteria grow wherever it is. First, you start getting red, swollen gums which will bleed while you brush your teeth.

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