YES! Dr. Steven Gundry Say There is a Way to Predict How Long you Will Live

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Editing an Article by Dr. Steven Gundry | Founder, Gundry MD


Simply try The SRT (stands for Sit-Rise-Test) that Dr. Gundry’s colleague, Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo, invented and you will be able to know how long you’ll live.

There are three key indicators when it comes to your longevity: Flexibility, balance, and muscle strength and as you get older, these “big three” become VERY important to your health.


So …. let’s begin…

(NOTE: If you have any health issues that make you prone to falls, please consult your doctor before attempting, or have a friend or family member “spot” you when you perform the test.)

  1. Start by lowering yourself to a sitting position on the floor — without leaning on anything. There is a catch though: You can only use your legs. You can’t use your hands, knees, forearms, or any other part of your body for that matter. (That’s why I recommend trying this on a carpet.)

Here’s how to score yourself:
– If you can sit all the way down with no support, you get +5 points.
– If you can stand all the way up from the sitting position, you get another +5 points
But each time you use your hands, arms, or knees to sit or stand, you lose -1 point for each “cheat”
So if you can sit all the way down but need your knee and hand to stand up, your score is 10 – 2 = 8 points

RESULTS: A “10” is the best possible score — and a “0” is the WORST. (Physicians consider anything above a 7 to be an excellent longevity score.)

If you scored an 8 or higher… you did excellent!

And if you scored a 7 or lower… there’s good news for you too: Fortunately, you can practice this once a week and improve your numbers over time…

And every single point you can increase your SRT score means a huge boost to your longevity!


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