The Health Secret Hiding on the San Blas Islands

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By Dr. Steven Gundry.



Many senior natives from the San Blas Islands in the Panama Canal who are called Kuna, looked and acted 25 years younger than they actually were! Sixty-year-old Kuna men were rowing from island to island with ease… Kuna women over 70 still had smooth, radiant skin — despite years spent in the blistering sun…

Kuna people of ALL ages routinely enjoyed big island feasts without getting indigestion or gaining weight…
On the surface, the Kuna don’t seem to eat any healthier than Americans — tons of salt, fatty foods, lots of calories…

But somehow, they don’t seem to age as fast as the rest of us…
And this may sound strange… but it’s because of their hearts. You see, your heart is responsible for pumping blood all over your body. This is how your organs and tissues get the oxygen and nutrients they need to stay healthy and “young.”

As you age, though… your heart tends to wear down. As a result, your organs and tissues begin to starve, and you get “older.” But, this doesn’t seem to happen to the Kuna. Why the Kuna were so “immune” to heart problems and aging.

The key to the Kuna health was NOT genetics…

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